How to stay away from the job interview runaround

Even in the best of moments, it can be tough out there.

Though the unemployment fee remained below 4% for the entirety of 2023, work looking can even now be a disheartening procedure.

A new Business enterprise Insider posting documented the knowledge of a tech employee who went by way of 17 interviews for four jobs.

For Felicia Davis, former HR executive and founder of The Black Women’s Collective, the tech worker’s knowledge could be instructive to other position seekers.

“I would like that I was performing with this particular person, because there were so quite a few chances inside of their encounter where they essentially could have gotten in the driver’s seat,” Davis explained.

Recognize tradeoffs, but never compromise on values

Davis emphasised the great importance for job seekers to make sure possible companies align with their values.

“If you have some distinct deal breakers, then you have to truly stand on that mainly because what’ll transpire if you you should not is you may finish up being in that corporation miserable and likely by way of the process all about once more,” Davis reported.