Tyler Dirks thinks Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars will ignite his business opportunities

Tyler Dirks thinks Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars will ignite his business opportunities

Although he might have been the first person eliminated in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2, Tyler Dirks looks beyond his limited time in the competition. With a strong business plan for Lite Rite Charcoal Grills, Tyler is ready to set fire to the outdoor kitchen space.

From his initial pitch to the food truck challenge, Tyler was unlike the other contestants on Gordon Ramsy’s Food Stars. While he has the business knowledge, tenacity, and drive for this own brand, applying those skills to the fast paced, chaotic world of a FOX reality television show is quite different.

During a recent call with Tyler Dirks, he shared some insight on his Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars experience, what he took away from the competition, and why his Lite Rite Charcoal Grills could be a game changer for anyone who appreciates outdoor cooking.

Tyler was clear about his purpose for appearing on the show. He believed that it could offer his business and brand exposure on a large scale.

When it came to the food truck challenge, it was curious that he decided to join the design team instead of the culinary team. Although he admitted that that he had no culinary experience, he does look back and wonder if the decision was a wise one.

Tyler said, “I am very much a numbers guy in my line of work.” Given that the culinary team put strategic pricing in place, it might have been a better fit for his expertise.

Although the outcome was not necessarily what he hoped, Tyler said that he is “big on pushing myself out of my comfort zone.” He might not be comfortable in front of the camera and has not watched the episodes in their entirety, but he appreciates that the opportunity is going to help with his business. Understanding the ins and outs of embracing the camera and pushing past the uncomfortable feeling in front of the camera can help him expand the business. He has no regrets about being on the show.

Given that the FOX reality television competition was an opportunity to showcase his product, Tyler was keen on sharing why his charcoal grills fill a void in the otherwise competitive space. As many people appreciate, the outdoor kitchen has become an extension of the home.

As many chefs have explained, grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor to food. From the perfectly seared steak to the char on vegetables, the flame is vital to bringing the nuanced flavor to a dish.

Tyler explained that his company, Lite Rite Charcoal Grills, is unlike other brands because it can bring the grill up to 650 degrees in a matter of minutes. The traditional charcoal grill would require much more time or lighter fluid to achieve a similar result.

Although there can be funny social media memes showing the gigantic flames produced by lighter fluid dousing the grill, that visual should have people running away from table full of food. The bitter, unpleasant aftertaste on those burgers or other grilled food comes from the lighter fluid.

Tyler’s product makes charcoal grilling easy. From the novice who thinks a chimney is for a fireplace or the person who thinks that there is only one type of briquette, the Lite Rite Charcoal Grill simplifies the process. From there, the grill master needs to showcase good cooking techniques to ensure a flavorful meal hits the table.

While the Lite Rite Charcoal Grills might not be a staple in every Home Depot or Ace Hardware stores, Tyler says that the response to his brand has been positive. Even though he mentioned on Food Stars that he would deliver that grill to many customers, the company’s growth is expanding to the point where he is working on larger scale shipping opportunities.

Additionally, he is working on accessories for the Lite Rite. From a griddle attachment to a fryer option, the charcoal grill is becoming an all-in-one outdoor kitchen appliance. Even some Big  Green Egg users have converted to the charcoal grill.

Tyler Kirk might have seen his Gordon Ramsay Food Star’s opportunity go up in flames quickly, but his Lite Rite Charcoal Grill business is going to burn brightly for a long time. Sometimes just a spark is all an entrepreneur needs to make a business idea take off.

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Season 2 airs new episodes on FOX every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Episodes can be streamed the next day on Hulu.